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Big Al Whittle -


St Peter and John Dillinger

Album Notes

Thank you for your interest in my music.

These are notes to accompany the cd, St Peter and John Dillinger.

The album itself is an upgrade of the collection entitled Don’t Act Stupid and Stop Acting Clever released in December 2003. There are eight additional trax on this new cd, plus all the tracks have been remastered – one of the original trax has been rerecorded totally, and another has been altered substantially.

The accompanying notes are offered in this fashion as a signed letter to keep the production costs down, as well as to personalise your purchase. It is my intention that these notes will be available on the webpage so that you can run them off if the letter gets lost.

The Songs

St Peter and John Dillinger

When I was about nine, I had a very colourful afterlife planned. My family were Quakers and I used to sit in the Quaker Meeting House on Sundays reading Matthew 6 and strongly suspecting that I was the chaff that will be winnowed out from the wheat to burn in the everlasting fires of hell for my grievous sins - swearing under my breath and regularly forgetting my pencil case.

As I got older, I realised that God has more exquisite tortures in mind for most of us. Handsome Harry, James Carlos Blake’s recent novel about the Dillinger/Pierpont gang made me focus on the afterlife and I wrote this song.

Points of information for anybody not too familiar with some aspects of the